Our Projects


Having completed an almost identical job around the corner, Mr Clough contacted us to see if we would be interested in converting his loft space to a bedroom, bathroom, a study and a storeroom. After initial discussions and costing etc, we were given the order to proceed. This conversion was to have a whole web of steelwork installed to carry the new rooms and subsequent considerable alterations to the roof structure. The steelwork was lifted into place by means of a crane and with the majority of the existing roof structure in place, precision regarding the lifting and placement of the steel was required and achieved. Once the steelwork was in place and the roof alterations completed, the building of the rooms and new staircase commenced. All work was completed to an exceptional standard with this job being a proud addition to our portfolio.


Great job, done on time and within budget to a finish that more than met our expectations

Mr Clough of WA14